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ClassicAutoFieds - The Classic Car Classifieds Site
If you are posting a car for sale or have posted a car for sale you should read this for your protection. Or, if you are about to buy a car read this for your protection.
Click here to read the warning.

Seller's Beware! Buyers Too!

You control the conclusion of the transaction and you should because you have all that there is to lose as the owner of the car or car parts that you are selling.

Set your terms for the conclusion of the transaction and make sure you have your money first. There are many internet and non-internet scams out there and the last thing we want to do is promote them.

Sellers Should Never:
  • Provide personal bank information to buyers for bank to bank wire transfers.
  • Accept personal checks and release the car before the check clears.
  • Accept certified checks (especially international ones) and release the car before the check clears.
  • We at least don't recommend providing shipping of cars for buyers. Let the buyer ship the car so the buyer can confirm the condition of the car at the start of shipping.

Buyers put yourself in the seller's shoes. They have a car worth thousands of dollars that they put a lot of time and money into and you wouldn't want to walk away with being scammed either. So, if you are legit, protect yourself by making arrangements to go see the car and buy it in person with cash in hand if possible. Otherwise, take a US Postal Money Orders not something that could appear to be counterfeit.

Sellers, don't let some international buyer send you international funds and then release the car before it clears. The classic "Nigerian e-mail scam" we've all gotten has seemed to creep in here at times to some sellers, where they want to send a huge check and take the car and have the seller send them back the extra money in the check. Don't fall for this. Make the deal, get the money in the exact amount, make sure it clears your bank if it is a check, then release the car. If shipping is needed, let the buyer deal with that so they can insure the shipping themselves and you are out of the picture before shipping takes place.

Buyers, if shipping is needed, I don't think you should by a car that is not personally checked over and so take possession of the car and ship it yourself after the funds have completed the exchange between you and the seller. I would think you'd want to select your own creditable shipper that you've checked out so that you know your car will arrive in one piece anyway. That way you can confirm the condition of the car when the shipper took possession is the same as when it arrived at your front door.

Your experience selling or buying a car must be handled with care and keeping the other side of the exchange in mind as well. Protect yourself and make it easy and smooth as possible. Showing up with a personal check or even requesting somebody's bank account information to transfer the funds from bank to bank are or should be red flags to sellers. So, buyers should avoid this and sellers should turn these buyers away with alternatives to provide funds for transfer. Cash is best, US Postal Money Orders are also good.

The goal of is to assist in the selling and buying of classic and antique cars by providing an online car lot. Where many people can showcase what they have to offer for sale and others can browse to find their dream cars. We do not want to provide a place where scammers find the ideal location to do their dirty deeds. However, only the sellers and buyers can find the scammers and not deal with them if they come here.

If there's a situation that you also would like to warn sellers and buyers about that isn't mentioned here, please send it to us to add to this page.

Use Caution when dealing with:

Paul Smith of the u.k. using an address of67 sixth avenue london,u.k. e-mail also beware of abel emu also of london,u.k. e-mail these people say they have the roadrunner parts you need and request payment by western union sent to them.

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